Buzz Magazine

Buzz Magazine. Dubai 2008/2009.

I wrote numerous articles and features for this weekly lifestyle publication, in their preferred chatty, witty (some might say) style. It was targeted at 18-30-something boys ‘n’ girls. Click the thumbs to read each one in full.



Birth of the Techno-mum – Isn’t it scary when your parents have more gadgets than you?

Birth of the Techno-mum

Gym’ll Fix it – It’s tough keeping up with the keep-fit masses in body-conscious Dubai. But owning a gym pass doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the end of your troubles…

Gym’ll Fix it. The vicious circle of adapting to Dubai

Driving me mad – in a city full of hazardous drives and road-fools, what’s a license-less girl to do?

Driving me mad

Travelling the word from a swivel chair – In a world that’s getting smaller by the second, word-of-mouth is a traveller’s biggest source of information. But how much can we trust those who write it down for a living?
THE TRAVELLER – A series of travel features for which I wrote the words and took all photographs.

A Splash of Maldivian Magic – Mention the Maldives and the word “Luxury” may well spring to mind. Aqua waters so clear you can see your own nail varnish chipping in the sand…

A Splash of Maldivian Magic

A Jaipur Jaunt – To Dubai trained eyes, Jaipur might well seem a little…shall we say, unsavoury? Pick up your camera, zip up a good sense of humour and prepare for an Indian adventure.

A Jaipur Jaunt

On a Hong Kong High – Hong Kong is just an eight and a bit hour plane ride away from our sandy shores. Here’s our humble opinion on how to make the most of it.

On a Hong Kong High

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