Travel memoirs

Writing has always been a passion and so has travelling. I’ve been lucky enough to combine the two. I’ve had three books published by HarperCollinsAustralia which  pretty much highlight the highs and lows of living, working, partying, falling in love, getting ditched and getting lost, all over the world. 


Latinalicious – The South America Diaries


“In her latest laugh-out-loud travel memoir, intrepid traveller Becky Wicks sets her sights on both the natural and – ahem! – man-made attractions of South America, and discovers that while gauchos aren’t always hot, strangely, birdwatchers are … From dodging naked Aussies on Bolivia’s Death Road and diving with sea lions in the Galapagos Islands to conquering the Inca Trail (just), being crushed at the Rio Carnival and having her fake designer bag snatched in a Colombian ghetto, Becky tangos, gallops, bikes and treks her way through this spectacular continent, offering heaps of handy travel tips and hilarious insights along the way. And experiencing a good few vino tinto hangovers, too.”


Balilicious – the Bali Diaries


“A lot can happen when you set out to ‘find yourself’. Sometimes, you can even lose the plot. From visiting ancient healers with cellphone addictions to leaving a shaking ashram intent on extracting her soul, Becky Wicks soon discovered that six months travelling round Bali wasn’t all going to be about finding inner peace and harmony. In fact, the perils of possessed teens, eating raw, yogic headstands, diving shipwrecks and dicing with black magic and demons all took their toll on the Island of the Gods. And that was before the vaginal steaming. Becky Wicks lifts the sarong on real life in Bali in a blur of locals, tourists, expats and other other eating, praying lovers who arrive… you know… not really knowing who they are.”

‘Balilicious made me laugh so hard I almost spilled my Bintang’ – Justin Steinlauf, TNT Magazine

‘The real-life Bridget Jones hits the road … this book is pee-your-pants funny‘ – Sarah Alderson, author of Hunting Lila and Losing Lila

‘Becky wicks at her endearingly honest best. Balilicious comes with Bali-belly laughs galore’ – Katie Spain, the Adelaide∗ magazine


Burqalicious – The Dubai Diaries 


“For a sassy young woman used to blagging, blogging and slogging her way through dreary London, the call of a glamorous, tax-free lifestyle in sunny Dubai just couldn’t go unanswered. Over the course of two years, while an entire city rose from the dust Becky Wicks scaled a good few rungs of the hard-to-climb career ladder. She became a celebrity editor in a land where sex definitely does not sell and spent most nights in a five-star blur of champagne luxury. Dubai offered everything, but things soon got messy – not least because a wealthy Arab man made Becky his mistress. These days, shamed rule-breakers 

and failed entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen in Dubai, yet the city retains its allure. Becky Wicks lifts the burqa on the razzle-dazzle and reveals some of what goes on in the world’s fastest up-and-coming city and shopping Mecca.”

‘She’s done something amazing – convinced me this is a place I should take the time to explore’ – Sassi Sam, book blogger



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